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Jettime Codeshare Routes

Posted by Jack Donegan on 14/09/2016

Hi Everyone, 

Again, Here's my Update. 
The Jettime routes have been added to Virtual Monarch. Only numerous have been added due to the avaliability of 737-700's. 
The Following have been Added with Number of schedules:

- EKCH [Copenhagen] - EGPF [Glasgow] [6 Services per day, 7 Days a week]

- EKCH [Copenhagen] - EGKK [London Gatwick] [8 Services per day, 5 days a week]

- EKCH [Copenhagen] - LGSK [Skiathos] [2 Services Per Day, 7 Days a week]

- EKCH [Copenhagen] - LGKR [Corfu] [2 Services Per Day, 7 Days a Week]

- EKCH [Copenhagen] - EGNM [Leeds] [6 Services Per Day, 7 Days a Week]

- EKCH [Copenhagen - EHAM [Amsterdam] [6 Services Per Day, 7 Days a week]

- EKCH [Copenhagen] - ESSA [Stockholm] [8 Services Per Day, 7 Days a week]

You can find these routes under ''Book a Codeshare Flight'' Under Book a Flight.


Jack Donegan [Operations Manager]

Route and Fleet Changes

Posted by Jack Donegan on 12/09/2016

The Airbus A300's will be out of the Virtual Monarch fleet [Schedules] by as late as 30th September. The 2 Airbus A330's, 2 MD-11's and DC10 will help to cover the schedules. For this reason, schedules to Orlando and Cancun will be reduced until further notice. Schedules to Las Palmas Airbase in Peru, will be changed to a single flight a week, and flights from London to Dubai are being discontinued until Further Notice. 

Jack Donegan

Operatons Manager @ Monarch Virtual

New Routes and Fleet

Posted by Jack Donegan on 05/09/2016

Hi Everyone, 

Over the next month, I will be adding the Jettime Fleet and routes into the Virtual Monarch fleet. Weekly, i will update you on fleet and route changes. This update may be premature, as due to the fact that Jettime OPERATED flights for Monarch and does not anymore, Virtual Monarch may cancel these at a later date. Decisions have not yet been made, but the procedure to add in the fleet and routes will be carried on. 



Jack Donegan

Operations Manager [MON007]

City Hop: EGKK - LEPA

Posted by Mitch Mewett on 01/09/2016


Welcome to another event with Monarch Virtual Airlines.

This event will involve the airfields of London Gatwick (EGKK) and Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) in Spain.

Event details are on the event page! Go to Operations > Events. Fly for our events and gain discounts on payware addons from the Flight Simulation community!

Don't forget to book a slot, they are limited to 20!


Thank you,

Mitch Mewett

MON10 - Events Manager @ Monarch Virtual

Challenging Approaches #1

Posted by Morgan Stone on 13/07/2016


Hello all!


Our event named under Challenging Approaches will commence on the 30th of this month from 1500z-1900z departure time(s)

We hope you can join us for the amazing, scenic approach into MENORCA with Monarch's A320/1 series.

We have chosen to start at Birmingham.

The flight will take approximately 3hours and under depending on your cruise winds i.e. weather engine!

This event will continue fortinghtly for the next 6 airports!

You can put your name down on our Events page under operations

We hope you can join us!

Once the spaces are gone, they are gone! :D

Thanks very much,

Morgan Stone

Vice CEO

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