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Challenging Approaches #1

Posted by Morgan Stone on 13/07/2016


Hello all!


Our event named under Challenging Approaches will commence on the 30th of this month from 1500z-1900z departure time(s)

We hope you can join us for the amazing, scenic approach into MENORCA with Monarch's A320/1 series.

We have chosen to start at Birmingham.

The flight will take approximately 3hours and under depending on your cruise winds i.e. weather engine!

This event will continue fortinghtly for the next 6 airports!

You can put your name down on our Events page under operations

We hope you can join us!

Once the spaces are gone, they are gone! :D

Thanks very much,

Morgan Stone

Vice CEO

Virtual Monarch Refurbished

Posted by Oliver Yap on 13/07/2016

To All,

Hello everyone, Most of you guys should know that I have replaced Jack Donegan as CEO of Virtual Monarch. Since of my appointment as CEO I've been trying to pick Virtual Monarch back up on its feet after an incident involving staff members 2 weeks ago.

Since then there has been 3 Staff position available, they are: 

- Operation Manager

- Human Resources

- Event Manager 

If anyone is interested to uphold a position email me. I have been trying to fix all the errors within this airline and I want you guys to help me, If you see any bugs/errors within any of our websites/programs or if you just have some suggestion's you can email me them and I will get onto it ASAP. There have been new things up on the website lately. We have a new SOP and a Checklist made for Monarch and an A320-214 has been made available for free download. The fleet page will be updated soon with information and photos of each aircraft within the Monarch fleet.

If you have any inquires please email them to me or ask Mongan Stone (Vice-CEO) or myself on our Teamspeak.


Email:[email protected]

I hope to see you flying for Monarch Soon :-)


MON02 Oliver Yap

Challenging Approaches #1

Posted by Morgan Stone on 10/07/2016

The first of our seven airports we will be creating fortnightly events for into the airports that only a true Monarch pilot can master!

Staff Positions

Posted by Jack Donegan on 07/07/2016

Hi All,

There are staff positions avaliable to anyone in the community. These need to be filled by people who have dedication and 'people' skills.

- Human Resources

- Events Manager

If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please let me know.

Jack Donegan [Virtual Monarch CEO]

Email: [email protected]

My return

Posted by Morgan Stone on 01/07/2016

Hello all,

I am back better than ever. I may have said I am doing my PPL, does NOT mean I still don't have a life in education and general living. If you are confused why I am not on a list of members of staff or you can't contact me, this is going to be resolved.

Please if you have any queries about routes, email me on [email protected]and routes will continue to be updated by myself.

My email can be used for your suggestions or outdated routes.


Thank you to all,

My name will soon be back under operations,

Yours Sincerely,


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